Why does team reflection matter?

Why does team reflection matter?

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

Henry Ford

One small thing is important after any of team event. This is a reflection. And we as a team did our reflection after our hackathon event. Why does team reflection so matter?

Using reflection to capture new knowledge or feelings after a project or task can help your team to continuously learn and improve.

The reflection is both an individual and collective activity. Team members generally reflect first as individuals, share those reflections with the group.

List of questions we did ask our self

Question for self-reflections:

  1. What did I feel during the event?
  2. What was most interesting for me?
  3. What was least interesting for me?
  4. How much work have I been involved in?
  5. What prevented me from getting involved?
  6. How have I been helpful?
  7. What did I find useful during my classes?
  8. What did I learn during the classes?
  9. Other remarks.

Group work process

  1. How much did you feel involved in this team?
  2. How much did you want to be on the team?
  3. How active were the deciding team crypts?
  4. How much did you trust other team members?
  5. How much did your meeting touch your feeling?
  6. How much was the team focused on?
  7. What did you like and dislike about the event?
  8. What did you learn or learn about this event?

Summary of group work

  1. What are some key moments in your team’s work?
  2. What kind of questions do you ask yourself after event?
  3. What would you like to say about the team’s working style?
  4. In what sentence would you say what the team and your participation in the event meant to you?

How it went

I have shared the questions in advance and everyone had a time to prepare our self.

After we have booked a room and as a team discussed across the topics. I took remarks from our team reflection. After meeting compiled email with my notes and shared among team members.

If such events/projects are regular, the database of lessons learn is beneficial.