About me

Hi friends! Welcome to my blog. My name is Ramunas Balcaitis

Let’s connect @linkedin.

I used to work as systems/business analyst for a quite long time. This role lets me know different areas of IT together with project management, business analysis, development, service provision, and support. 

Being part of the small IT team I have to have technical skills behind. Developing small solutions, fixing bugs, optimizing, testing, working with vendors.

A big part of my time is to work with people. Listening to them and creating tools to make their lives easier and work faster. A lot of problem-solving.

I am – INTJ. Thinking of all possible risks/opportunities and preparing scenarios and safeguards. Calm. Not too emotional.

To write a blog for me is quite a challenge I took. First of all because of non-native English and second because of a huge step out of my comfort zone. Writing and learning. Reading other blogs.

Empathize IT is the blog about something between the user and IT.  Not too technical and not too complicated. I wish to read, learn and share. Experiment.