About me

Hi friends! Welcome to my blog. My name is Ramunas Balcaitis

Let’s connect @linkedin.

I used to work as systems/business analyst for a quite long time. This role lets me know different areas of IT together with project management, business analysis, development, service provision, and support. 

Being part of the small IT team I have to have technical skills behind. Developing small solutions, fixing bugs, optimizing, testing, working with vendors.

A big part of my time is to work with people. Listening to them and creating tools to make their lives easier and work faster. A lot of problem-solving.

Empathize IT is the blog about something between the user and IT.  Not too technical and not too complicated. I wish to read, learn and share. Experiment. How to make many things by self without hiring a professional? Internet is full of capabilities and opportunities.

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