Turn ideas into music with Google MusicLM

Turn ideas into music with Google MusicLM

MusicLM: Generating Music From Text

In January, Google announced MusicLM, a new experimental AI tool that can turn your text descriptions into music. MusicLM is a text-to-music generation model developed by Google as part of its AI Test Kitchen program. 

MusicLM casts the process of conditional music generation as a hierarchical sequence-to-sequence modeling task, and it generates music at 24 kHz that remains consistent over several minutes.

Google previously announced the underlying technology in January

How to try?

To sign up for MusicLM’s waitlist, go to Google’s AI Test Kitchen. Google will send you an email confirming your addition to the waitlist.

Once you’re approved, you can prompt MusicLM with a descriptive phrase like. Currently can not share more as still standing on the waitlist 🙂

Why it is interesting for an internet entrepreneurs?

First interest came to my mind: enabler to and AI-generated music can provide several benefits for entrepreneurs, especially in the context of a blog:

  1. Content creation: AI-generated music can be used as background music for videos, podcasts, or other multimedia content on your blog. It helps enhance the overall user experience and engagement.
  2. Time and cost efficiency: Creating original music can be time-consuming and expensive. AI-generated music provides a quick and cost-effective alternative, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on other aspects of their blog.
  3. Customization and branding: AI-powered music platforms often offer a wide range of styles, moods, and genres. Entrepreneurs can find music that aligns with their blog’s theme and brand image, creating a unique and consistent experience for their audience.
  4. Copyright compliance: AI-generated music can help entrepreneurs avoid copyright issues. Instead of using copyrighted songs, which may require licensing or permissions, they can utilize original AI-generated compositions that are free from copyright restrictions.
  5. Inspiration and creativity: AI-generated music can serve as a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs. It can spark new ideas, generate creative energy, and set the tone for their content creation process.